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Do You Wish You Could Find Profitable Products Quickly and Easily?

Profitable sourcing is one of the most important skills in your re-seller business. With Sourcing School you will find profitable products and sharpen your skills right along side an industry veteran - Danny Stock.

What's Included:

  • In-Store Sourcing Walkthrough Videos: Find Products With Danny With Over-the-Shoulder Walkthroughs
  • Improved Decision-Making: Develop Your Sourcing Skills or Find New Inspiration With Expert Guidance
  • Shorten The Time Spent Sourcing: Learn How To Shop Faster With Better Results
  • Additional Monthly Trainings: Monthly Sourcing Focus with Additional Training From Danny
  • Join A Community of Re-sellers Focused On Profits Not Revenue With A Private Facebook Group
  • ​$1 Trial - Then Only $20/month
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A Long-Form Letter From Danny - Why He Wanted To Launch This

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About Your Instructor: Danny Stock

Danny is a veteran of retail arbitrage and the Army.  He is a longtime e-commerce seller and launched his business during Q4 six years ago.  He now enjoys being at home and continues to work on his Amazon business.

What Is Included In Sourcing School?

Real World Sourcing

Join Danny as he finds real products that he is sourcing for his business while he explains why he is looking at certain products and avoiding others.

Re-Seller Community

Get access to an online community to ask questions, learn, and network with other members and Danny.

Reduce Your Risk

Start your seven-day trial of Sourcing School for just $1. If it doesn't help you gain clarity on your sourcing, simply cancel at anytime.

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Dear Seller,

When it comes to reselling online or offline, it takes a certain knack for locating and finding items to make it a full-time venture. At the heart of it, you are finding the "hard to find" or merely providing a convenience purchase to an online shopper.

The skills to do this consistently day in and day out require some diligence and patience as you master your category knowledge.

The fact of the matter is, it is very difficult to be a "jack of all trades" when it comes to buying and selling different products. I have found it works best to have a broad knowledge of most products but a very extensive knowledge of a category or two like "toys and games" or a subcategory like "stuffed animals and board games".

Here at the sourcing school, you will see me do exactly what I mentioned above. You will see me gravitate towards certain products that I know the most about and find a lot of those types of items.

You will also understand how to know if the product is going to sell and where it should be listed for sale. It is always of a great benefit to watch others as they buy and sell products and being able to see that in detail and transparency.

Too often, there are questions left in a viewer's mind as to what a person is actually buying and selling or if they are buying and selling what they say they are at all. Even if you are knowledgeable in other categories than me, the strategies and skills remain the same.

Going forward, you will see that it doesn't take much to make a nice income from a small amount of extremely profitable products.This allows you to be able to pick-up profitable products at nearly every place you shop at.

I look forward to showing you exactly what I am buying and selling on Ebay, Amazon and more.

Danny Stock

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